Katherine Rosell

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A team-based, twin-stick shooter with a capture the flag component! With limited quantum-fuel, your team needs to steal from your enemies to survive! Siphon as much as you can in this cooperative space.

Famine Ties

An educational game about the struggles during the Irish Famine. Game developed with PreviewLabs and Quinnipiac Univeristy Game Design students.

As the artist, I researched a lot about the rural lands of Ireland and the attire, as well as the food cards that are used! I looked to the Quinnipiac Ireland's Great Hunger Museum collection to get a sense of the art style I should use. I decided to go for something that was more realistic and painted. Liam is a descendant of a relative who lived during the famine and his more modern day theme with backgrounds and cards is much more colorful and lively. Cait is tring to survive during the famine, and her theme has more dingy tones of green and yellow. I wanted to make a stark contrast to how the modern day and time of the Great Hunger appeared to the player.

Bear Season Academy

An educational narrative based game that teaches elementary students the basics of personal finance! During development I worked as the Lead Game Developer working with our Lead 2D Artist and business team duo. This project was submitted as part of a business competition at Quinnipiac University and won first place!

Watch the trailer in a new tab

Play the demo here! Spacebar to go through dialog, mouse click to select items.

GAME IN PROGRESS - Prototype Fireman/Fire Safety Game

A revamp in progress for a fun platform style game where players move using a firehose to propel themselves around the stage! Read the documentation and read my process!

Playtest here!

2D Artwork



Character concept art || Fantasy styled adolecent who lives on a small fishing island, usually gets into trouble



Character design || Skateboarding skeleton with colorful punk aesthetic



Character design || The descendant character in the Famine Ties game


Tundra Rosenkoff

Character design || Longtooth-Shifter Barbarian in a Dungeons and Dragons campaign

Graphic Designs


hungie pizza

Brand Concept || Graphic design concept art for a food chain looking for a skater/hype beast presence


hungie burger

Brand Concept || Primary piece in the graphic design brand concept


Bobcat Skull in Gas Mask

Apparel Design || Alternative version for selling on clothes, also used as a promotional photo to encourage mask wearing



Apparel Design || Most well liked by viewers, final version


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